Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

CamOne focus adjustment -vs- DiveBox lens replacement

[1] CamOne focus adjustment
By rotating the CamOne's optics about a quarter turn counter-clockwise it's possible to shoot underwater with the original DiveBox.

all modes can be used, e.g. 127° 1080p, 170° 720p & 4:3 photo
best possible IQ, if you find out the optimal focus adjustment
no extra costs
either sharp above or below water, i.e. mixed footage is not possible without changing the camera's focus
changing the focus requires fiddling with two tiny screws, which is rather impractical on the go, meaning one has to decide beforehand what shots are wanted

[2] DiveBox lens replacement
Though not yet available for purchase at the time of writing, I assume aquapixs will eventually commercially produce flat lenses to replace the CamOne infinity DiveBox's domed lens, if demand is there. The two flat lenses I got were prototypes to be tried at my own risk. I chose to buy a second DiveBox for this DIY modification.

both above and below water filming is possible in Full HD
no need to change the CamOne's factory set focus
only useable for 127° 1080p video, due to heavy vignetting in 170° 720p and photo modes
putting a wide angle behind a flat lens causes corner softness
somewhat narrower FOV due to refraction
replacing the DiveBox's lens implies modifying it, which should not be done too often, as the metal screws holding the lens in place would eventually wear out the threads of the plastic housing, and of course this solution requires at least one check dive to verify waterproofness, but that should be standard procedure anyways
additional costs for the flat lens and optionally a second DiveBox

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

One more time

For my last dive I wished for the moon. So naturally that's where we went, Richie leading me of course to its dark side, jumping right off the cavern line, then left, then right at the first T, turning around after 54' at a second T. Truly an amazing cave, with magnificent classical formations, low ceilinged passages, otherworldly strangely colored decorations, eroded tunnels and even a couple of old bones.